Main cause of negative reviews: bad customer service [infographic]

Dutch support software provider Grasp (previously Casengo) analysed over 46,000 online customer reviews

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Bad service and slow delivery are the best way to make sure customers don't ever come back, new research shows. Dutch customer service software provider Grasp delved into the online world of negative customer reviews in e-commerce, stepping into unknown yet rather instructive territory.

So what do complainers mean by ‘bad’ service? Online shops that fail to respond swiftly (or at all!) to customer emails know all about it. Slow follow-up after the first contact also causes annoyance. Logistical blunders happen more often than you would expect: almost 10% of ex-customers had to cope with the fact that the ordered – and often paid-for – item was not in stock after all.

Grasp analysed a sample of over 22,000 online shops to learn more about the influence of external review platforms. It turns out that online shops with a high customer satisfaction rate – nearly a quarter of the sample – enjoy posting their external customer reviews on their websites, using a widget. Their customers rate them 8.7 out of 10, whereas onlines stores without a widget get a meagre score of 7.3.



About Grasp (previously Casengo)

Make conversations count.

Mensen komen voor je merk, en blijven vanwege je service. Zo simpel is het. Daarom zorgen wij ervoor dat klanten na elk contact je hele organisatie een high five willen geven! Vanuit ons kantoor in hartje Amsterdam werken wij dagelijks met een 13-koppig team aan ons vernieuwde customer conversations platform. Wij zijn Grasp!

Customer conversations platform Grasp haalt je communicatielijntjes uit de knoop en maakt van al je contactmomenten één verhaal. Zo krijg je weer grip op je klantenservice.

Make conversations count.

People come for your brand, and stay for your service. It's as simple as that. That's why we make sure that after every contact, customers want to give your entire organisation a high five! From our office in the heart of Amsterdam, we work with a team of 13 people every day. We are Grasp!

Customer conversations platform Grasp brings together multiple lines of communication and creates one story from all your contact moments. That’s how you regain control of your customer service.